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  • Annotated Version Of Liz Truss Resignation Speech

    Some say she’s the worst prime minister in UK history. UK history isn’t very long so they probably mean English history. Either way, I think that would be a hasty judgement. It could easily be the case that she has set in motion the destruction of the conservative party as a viable force in English politics. That would make her probably the best prime minister in history. The competititon isn’t exactly stiff. What follows is an annotated version of the resignation speech given by Liz Truss. I hadn’t seen any useful commentary of this anywhere so I thought I’d add my own. The speech was impressive, not so much in it’s content, but more for her ability to forcibly grin like an imbecile for that long.

  • Anyone who has ever installed fedora virtio-win packages via yum is vulnerable

    If you have ever installed the virtio-win package in accordance with the instructions from fedora, then your system is vulnerable to a remote root exploit every time you do a yum upgrade, and will stay like that forever more, until you remove the virtio-win yum repo.

  • A Faster Partition Function in Python

    Some pythonistas wonder what is the fastest way to write a function to partition a sequence of items in to two lists based on some predicate. One could, to be sure, filter the list and then filterfalse the list. But in this case the predicate will evaluated twice for each item - an inefficiency that some would balk at. That approach also doesn’t seem very parsimonious.

  • Arbitrary Remote Code Execution is (Still) Arbitrary Remote Code Execution

    Long gone are the days when servers were like little pets. You logged in to them, you stroked them, you ran little commands on them. Probably some commands you copied and pasted out of stackoverflow or that you found in some google search results.

  • Python socket servers can drop received packets on exit

    Let’s say we have a datagram server written in python using the shiny new asyncio module:

  • Abusing the CPU's adder circuits

    Have you ever been asked the interview question “how do you count the number of bits set in an integer?”

  • SQL-Like Sorting in Python

    Sorting things in python can often be a pain point. You need to be familiar with the decorate-sort-undecorate paradigm. Also known as the Schwartzian transform. In python3 this technique replaced the old system of comparator functions. Lots of words have been expended discussing this in the quite excellent python documentation so I won’t try and duplicate any of that here.

  • Item-at-a-time Reduce Functions in Python

    If you need to write a Reduce function in python, there’s a number of ways of doing it. I’m going to assume you already know what that is and leap right in. Suffice to say, you can think of that as something like an aggregate function in an SQL query.

  • Getting Bitmasks from SSE Vector Comparisons

    These days the single-threaded performance of CPUs just isn’t advancing as quickly as it did in my salad days of the late 90s and early 2000s. Personally I think it’s God’s revenge for people putting pineapple on pizza. Regardless of the causes, I find it to be increasingly the case that if you aren’t using SIMD in the performance critical areas of your software, then you are leaving a lot of performance on the floor.

  • Tagliatelle al sugo di cipolle e pancetta

    That’s big flat spaghettis with bacon and onion sauce to you and me. It’s a bit less dense than carbonara but just as nice. It’s also a good dish for learning the basic techniques of italian cuisine which you can apply in a dozen other other dishes by substiting one or two ingredients.

  • Qemu, curses and caca

    I have recently discovered, and been very impressed with, the qemu ncurses display driver. Basically it lets you run a guest OS inside of a regular terminal emulator. Currently the curses display works almost perfectly when the BIOS and guest OS has the VGA card programmed in text mode but when switched to graphics mode all you get is a message telling you “Graphic mode 800 x 600″ for example.

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